Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Blondie" Chic Young

I was looking through my lecture notes and I came across "Blondie." I pretty much forgot what the strip looked liked or even contained, but I was really happy when I actually looked further into the strip. "Blondie" created by Chic Young is cartoonist that knows how to bring about good story and great drawing skills. What draws me the most to Blondie is the design to one of the main characters "Dagwood." This guy is hilarious, and I just love how he has those big eyes, and crazy looking hair. I could spot him out in a crowd, if need be. Also, the main Blondie, is a very cool, strong minded character. For me he captures that attitude in Blondie in the character he designed and that really makes a drawing more than just an awesome drawing.

Whats more about Blondie, is that it catered (and mostly likely still does) to the middle class, I guess what one could call "every day people" with its illustration of life day-by-day. I was reading a little bit about Blondie on the Internet and found that it came out during the depression and it highlighted themes of love, family, etc;Things people could relate to. A great example is this strip here. Very funny, great layout and drawing ability and does a great illustrating the thought process of certain men. Below is another strip(one strip repeats, could not get off)


  1. It is interesting that the topics hit on things that appeal to the masses and how that relates to the depression. Btw, i love the way they walk in Blondie.

  2. I remember reading this in the Sunday comics every weekend... one of the highlights in that section for sure