Wednesday, March 16, 2011

James Jean - Imogen Heap poster

I came across this while searching for something different to put in my scrapbook. I think some other people have posted art by James Jean at the beginning of the semester, but when I found this poster I thought it was really interesting to see how he handles a more commercial piece. It promotes an LA concert by British singer Imogen Heap. After checking out the Imogen Heap entry on Wikipedia and listening to some of her songs on YouTube, I can't say that I like the actual singer... however, I just love this poster. James Jean's psychedelic-nouveau style and the color scheme are a perfect fit for the light (and, IMHO, somewhat trippy) music that the poster is promoting. I really enjoy the fluidity and movement of the piece, and I really appreciate the way he integrates a pretty complex color scheme with the incredibly detailed linework - I know from experience that this isn't easy to pull off well. I think the decision to use light colors for the lines is a nice touch, as it helps maintain that light feel and prevents the piece from becoming too overwhelming.

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  1. I am really liking this peice it's very fluid and keeps your eyes moving. The colors give it a very psychedelic and trippy feel to it.