Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Geoff Senior

For today’s blog post, I would like highlight and showcase the work of comic book illustrator Geoff Senior. An artist that primarily is known in the United Kingdom, Senior has been a major player providing work for the Transformers franchise, mainly in the field of comics, in the region. Geoff Senior is an artist that I personally admire quite a bit, mainly for his use of line variation and experimentation with textures that affects a great sense of weight and power in his work. His characters are able to emote incredibly well, from a wide use of facial expressions, to his well-structured action sequences; the movements taken by each figure are incredibly quick, it seems as though when the illustrations change from panel to panel is the outcome of what action was taking place in the mere seconds within the gutter of the page. Today’s pieces are a panel from his run on Marvel UK’s Transformer comic, “Time Wars”, and a single comic strip of an original character co-created with Simon Furman called Death’s Head, specifically his first appearance in this strip “High Noon Tex”.

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  1. Awesome, awesome illustrations. I will have to check Geoff Senior out. That first dynamic illustration of Gravatron and the earth and sky being formed it that blob of mass is stunning. Very creative as well, it captures the character of the comic, while being very visually pleasing. The Illustration at the bottom, draws me in with the bright color and the awkward looking characters. Very well down, detailed characters as well as a good laid out comic.