Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tony Harris

After finally sitting down and reading Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan, I got that feeling that maybe some of you have felt after reading it.
"Wow, I should just stop reading comics now"
I got that feeling that it wasn't going to get better than that.  But my friend gave me two other stories by Vaughan, Pride of Baghdad and Ex Machina.  Tony Harris (also known for his work on Starman, was the artist for the latter.  His style in Starman compared to Ex Machina, are almost completely different.  For the Ex Machina series, Harris decided to base his art off of real life people.  At then end of the books trade paperbacks, they sometimes show you the photos of the people, taken by Harris, next to the page he drew.  I was crazy for his artwork in Ex Machina, he created a dopey looking, yet believable, super hero with gadgets that look like they were pulled straight from Flash Gordon.  If you get a chance, google his splash pages.

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