Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Raymond Lemstra

Raymond Lemstra is an illustrator and fine artist based in Amsterdam. His illustration style reminds me of a totem pole. He uses shapes to design his faces and some of his work has a Deco feel to it. I think his illustrations work well because they are interesting to look at, they grab your attention right away. He uses dull and pastel colors, which emphasize the old totem poll feel, and tribe, feel he has with his work. Its fresh and new and you don’t find stuff like this to often. He leaves out certain features of the figures that he believes are not important and distorts the heads and faces making them abstract. He contrasts his work some are very cartoony if you look at his website. It kind of confuses me a little when you flip trough his portfolio, because some look a lot different from the others. Half of his work has good draftsmanship and others are very loose and old school cartoony.



  1. This work looks quite interesting indeed. Not only does it have the Art Deco sort of aspect to it, like you've mentioned, bu it also has a bit of a tribal feel to me, particularly of the Pacific Northwestern Native cultures.

  2. This artists style is interesting, it reminds me of a less colorful Karl Wirsum. The muted colors combined with the weird shapes are a neat affect, I can see the totem pole resemblance but my first thought was of faded old 50's toy boxes or something, with the robots and whatnot that were the product of the excitement over the space race.

  3. I think the solid colors and deco looking styles remind me of propaganda posters. They look like tribal propaganda posters, haha. I like them a lot though!