Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Jack Kirby's My Little Pony"

I was somewhat concerned with what I was going to post about this week. Thankfully, I just happened to come across this delightful piece of parody from Comics Alliance. In a segment of their blog called "Great Comics That Never Happened", an artist by the name of Tom Sciolli created this illustrative piece titled "Jack Kirby's My Little Pony". In my opinion, this is a really great example of stylistic parody in a visual medium. It possesses many of the staples to Kirby's style; particular use of bold lines of varied thickness and textures, characters and figures in dynamic motion, overall incredibly busy with fantastic imagery and of course, that wonderful staple of many American comic covers, Kirby dots.

Doing some looking into the artist's background, I was surprised to find that I was actually familiar with his work before. Tom Sciolli is the artist on an ongoing series of comic books called "Godland" published by Image Comics. And looking at his body of work, its rather clear to anyone that Jack Kirby is the predominant artistic inspiration for him. In fact, "Godland" shares elements of story with another of Kirby's stories in the past, mainly being the story of superbeings and their communing with extraterrestrial entities that are seemingly omniscient, as well as how the conflicts they cause affect the people of Earth. If you'd like to learn more about Sciolli's art, I would highly recommend looking for the past volumes of the comic series.

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  1. I always knew there was something creepy about "My Little Pony." This artist's style is pretty interesting, the varied line weights and busy composition give it a kind of intensity that lends itself well to this kind of parody.