Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sheneman, Columbia's Political Cartoons

I often look at Columbia'a newspaper and I'm not sure if its down for Columbia or borrowed from somewhere else I really like this Illustrations. I believe the person who made this Sheneman (when I look at the top of the paper I see that name), and right away when I see each Illustration I'm drawn to the line quality. The rigid and scribbly lines add a unique style and add a higher level of detail and emphasis. Also the way the characters are designed attracts me as well.

What most of all draws me at these Illustrations every week is the subject matters. They all mean something and are hilarious. This one highlights the reality of teachers who don't teach and be involved with there students with all they have, rather are just bad teachers and due to crack down on teachers (there pay) they now do what they can to keep cash flow.

Its beautiful when great design, drawing skill, meaning and comedy mix, and this is what this Illustration does, rather simply too.

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  1. I appreciate the approach to this strip. It's very serious, straight-forward and practical. What's also interesting is the objective statement it makes. I think the story is hilarious, but there are no clues within the image itself to illustrate who's at fault for the issue.