Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Floyd O.L.J. Butler here. Today were going to look at the cover of Batgirl #1 penciled by Damion Scott. It is drawn in a western style, with alot of attention on the pose of the character and the city landscape in the background. The time period that it takes place is in a present skyscraper city. Comic book extreme angles is the technique used in this drawing of Batgirl swing threw the city of Gotham, ready to fight crime, is the context of the illustration. This April 2000 addition of Batgirl is for comic book reader to be introduced to the knew Batgirl in Gotham City. I think it was created to give the next generation of Bat-Family readers a new Batgirl to look up too. I think that Damion Scott drew an excellent portrait of the new Batgirl in this picture. With her cap getting caught in the wind as she swing on her bat cable. Look at the cuts on her muscles, she looks very lean and strong. If you look behind her you can see lighting striking in the background. Very nice detail and great perspective. If you like Damion Scott work check out the back issue of Batgirl.

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  1. I agree that this is a very well made cover. It is a bit of basic action shot, but it's very well structured, and I love the title logo.