Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Terry Baker

I found this illustration by Terry Baker and was initially drawn to it because of the vibrant colors. I really enjoy colorful pieces, especially ones with a geometric tone to them. I also thought the subject matter was rather humorous. The artist has chosen to take a corporate persona that we all know, the Pillsbury doughboy, and stylized it in a manner that mimics that of Picasso. I really like the hand too. I like how you can "see through" the fingers. I also thought this piece was interesting because of the way that the artist shows movement. I think sometimes repeating body parts to show movement can be cheesy, but here I think it is a good solution, especially given the look of the rest of the piece. I think the long eyelashes and colors on the face make the doughboy look sophisticated in a way. This is a surprising route to take because its usually a persona that is very cutsie looking. This figure looks older and feminine. Its as if the doughboy has aged since it was first created and finally grown up.

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