Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gerald Scarfe

Gerald Scarfe is an English illustrator and an editorial cartoonist. He did some work for The Sunday Times and The New Yorker. Scarfe's most famous work however, are his drawings for Pink Floyd's The Wall.

He has an amazing creative and unique mind. He not only illustrated for The Wall, but he also help to animate it. I love his sketchy style. His subjects are sometimes drawn as caricatures which brings some creepiness to his work. He has a great sense of color and emotion. He really knows how to grasp the human emotion and that is very impressive. I love how he captures the gestures of his figures. He exaggerates the body language a bit, however it works really well with his intense style. His work is crazy and messy, but they also come alive. He adds motion to his pieces which gives them some life. I just love his work.

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  1. The animated segments of The Wall have always disturbed me, scared me, repulsed me, made me really damn uncomfortable, in other words - did exactly what they mere meant to do.

    The structures are appropriately monolithic and oppressive, the colors are sickly and gloomy, and the figures so grotesque and over-exaggerated, that the combined result is the very stuff of nightmare.