Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders may be instantly recognizable to those of you who have seen movies like Lilo and Stitch or How to Train your Dragon, he is the director of both and of these films and was responsible for art direction and character design for them.
His style is just that, stylish and comical, full of exaggeration and rich with detail but all the while managing to keep the lines simple and flowing. Sanders works mostly in traditional media, having been an illustrator for several years now and been educated in an era before digital proliferation, a lot of it still involves cutting paper and resizing using copies and tape.

His art is stylish and whimsical and perfectly suited for the animated industry, he opts to accentuate curvature and proportions, particularly in his female form and he tends to do a lot of fantastic creatures and animals, his images are always lively and convey an impressive amount of movement and spirit, and always manage to bring a smile to my face.

If youre interested in checking out more of his work he can be found at where he also has a couple of tutorials and images of his drafting process.


  1. I really like the contents of the compositions but I think the over all light line weight and the abundance of white space either allows of amazing coloring opportunities or, for me, slightly unfinished pieces. But back to the things I like, I am inspired by the fanatical look of all the creatures and the emotion and movement that they seem to portray.

  2. theres just something about his characters that im not a fan of, i dont know what it is... the monster in the top one it pretty awesome though