Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday

I found this artist online and thought that her stuff was really honest and cute. All of her illustrations are of her real-life experiences with her friends and family. The artist herself tells her friends that her boyfriends birthday is tomorrow and that she wants to make a card for him herself. When she sits down to try to come up with something she is unable to think up anything good and just ends up freaking herself out. She ends up giving him a birthday poop card drawing. Her figures have no noses, round eyes, and have only three fingers. She focuses on just getting the basic human form. She puts in no backgrounds, its just the figures and their story. This illustration is about how hard it can be to be an artist. We've all been there right? When your under pressure to draw something awesome but the creative juices just aren't flowing. This artist shows us in a hilarious way how artist can get stressed out and what they might do or draw in that moment of pressure.
P.S. she is now married to the person she gave the birthday poop to. I guess it is just the thought that counts.

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