Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Takato Yamamoto

Takato Yamamoto is a Japanese Illustrator most known in Japan for his dark imagery with pieces revolving around life and death. I first heard of this artist from my favorite band, Dir en grey, due to the fact that he illustrated the cover art for their single “Dozing Green.” Yamamoto has such a unique style heavily influenced by old ukiyo-e, woodblock prints.

What I love about the work is his sense of imagery. Many of his pieces contain people with a souless, emotionless stare either committing a horrible act or just being in a fixated position with plants, incests, or many various objects “growing” on them. Within this piece, it shows just that. I chose this particular picture because of the extreme attention to detail it has; from the picture’s visual texture, it is as if you can mentally feel it.

1 comment:

  1. Very detailed textures. Is that her rib cadge coming out, or are those her hands in a skeletal form? I couldn't really tell, but that keeps the piece kind of interesting.