Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The dutch artist known as Zeloot has long been a big inspiration of mine. Eline van Dam, aka Zeloot, originates from the Hague and does a lot of illustration for gig posters and things of that sort. It's interesting that she didn't get into underground comics until her mid 20's, when she took great interest in the likes of Daniel Clowes, Chris Ware, and David Cooper, all of whom have influenced her work greatly.

Her style is a fantastic blend of classic comic book illustration and psychedelic imagery. Many of her projects have sexual elements to them and most border on the unsettling. I admire Zeloot's art not only for it's trippy qualities, but also for her meticulous attention to detail. She creates all these wonderful hand made typefaces for her show posters, and while many of them are in dutch, you don't need to speak the language to enjoy the aesthetics of it. The crispness of her line work is great and her use of color is, I believe, one of Zeloot's greatest strengths. I often look to her work when I need some ideas for good color combinations.


  1. I really think the color combination is amazing. It is so hard to look at, but it seems like that is what she was going for.

  2. Good post, but one question I have is why you chose this particular image of the artist's work.

    Everyone: please tell us why you chose the particular image. Is the one you found and pasted in your sketchbook? If so, where did you find it? Or, did you specifically look for this particular image, and if so, why? Give us some context.

    Also, please provide links when possible, such as:

    It took me literally 30 seconds to find these and paste them here, so please, no excuses.

    Also, if you mention other artists, please provide links to their work as well, so we can see whom you are referring to.