Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here is one more entry that I really wanted to from the ESPN website. I know I have done an example from the website before and this will be the last one I post for our blog entries from this particular site. I just wanted to talk alittle about this new trend that is taking over the ESPN website. To me, it seems as if they hire the same designer each time they decide to do an illustration because to me, it seems like it is the same style all around.
As I have looked through several of these illustrations (there are more they do than the ones I post), It has really grown on me and started to make me think of some options I have after graduation. I always wanted to do something involved with sports and graphic design and never really thought of going this route. I guess illustration really can be used for anything. I always figured I would try to get a job over at ESPN or Comcast and do some of their campaigns for each Chicago sport but this is something to really consider looking into. Just some food for thought.
I am really curious as to see if they will do this every week throughout the course of the season and wish there was some way for me to find out the feedback from the audience who views these illustrations on the website. Does it work? Does it make people want to read the article? Is it a refreshing new way to look at article photos? Just some things to think about

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  1. As someone who is also really into illustration as well as sports, I am always interested in the aesthetics of sport, so stuff like this is always fascinating to me.