Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Softly Sleeping

Two years ago, my family got me Corel Painter 11, a wonderful day indeed for me, but I never got to use it when the program crashed non stop when I tried to draw, needless to say, I gave up for now, and the box caught dust on a shelf.
When looking for artists to write about I picked up the case remembering that this digital art program had examples of art done by artists to such details, the cover interested me the most since it was used as the cover. After flipping the case back and forth looking for the name I found that the painting was called Softly Sleeping by the artist named Daniel Conway. Looking him up online I found a lot of the amazing work he had done over the years including this one, I was now able to see the full master piece.
I’m not interested in ever drawing realistically, but always have been interested in taking art programs and using them to their full potential and the best of my abilities. And if I was ever able to do such detail like his jelly fish I would finally feel my talent was done growing. Looking through his other work, I was just blown back, such patience he must have to do such wonderful detailed pieces. As a digital illustrator I want to find a middle ground between details like his work, but a toned down feel in a more cartoonist field. Extent details I always found bring such beauty to a work, whether a person can see them or not right away, I want my work to be that complete someday.

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  1. Painter is a really incredible tool. If your more interested in working with it in an abstract method you should look at the work of Andrew (Android) Jones. He does really incredible stuff concerning pushing the limits of the software for his digital paintings.