Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Ideas?

I came across this video in the past week. I found it to be pretty interesting. Both from the standpoint of the ideas put forth in Steven Johnson's new book, but more so from the hybrid use of illustration and animation to create a video for the book. It involves a white board drawing that progresses in a sped up sequence to sync with the Steven Johnson's speaking. For the most part they are a series of still images in sequence, but as the video progresses there are a few hints of animation used to accentuate certain points being made by the speaker. At the end of the video the shot pans out to reveal that all of the drawings have been designed into a light bulb, which mirrors the design of the text on the book cover.

I found a few things very interesting. The hand of the artist is prevalent in these drawings and in the video in that you witness the drawings as they are being drawn. The other thing I found interesting is that no one was credited for producing the work. After some digging, I discovered the video had been created by Cognitive Media, a UK design firm; however there are no individual artists credits.

I really think that even though there are some elements of animation for embellishment, this stands as an illustration because the story is being told visually through related still images in sequence, kind of like how comic books work as you are reading them. They are also purposefully composed into the shape, and when the video is finished, you are left with a single cohesive drawing. It is a video that also happens to be an illustration.

Cognitive Media:

- Joe Koch

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