Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So so so, another blog about how some other artist is a shit ton better than I am.
I somehow managed to pull myself away from final fantasy 14 long enough to actually acknowledge life outside of this mmo and DO SOME WORK so lets get down to it.

For my blog post I'm doing an concept artist of a younger age (ugh at younger people better than me) who goes by the title of Grey Sapphire. i have a great deal of respect for female artist who are better than me.. as much as i think i suck for my age i can highly respect (and hate) anybody better than me at a younger age... its also kind of hot.
Her illustrations are ridiculously well done, humorous and i like them a lot.

my biggest problem was deciding which one to show because they were all so quirky and awesome so i made a collage of like 5 or 6. I’m blanking on things to say because i am one level away from a level 20 armorer <_<.>

so look at the pictures while... I go do that.


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