Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tomer Hanuka

This is an illustration by Tomer Hanuka for Wired magazine’s October Issue. Hanuka illustrates for magazines like , Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Spin, Maxim, and the list goes on. This specific illustration is for a section of the magazine dedicated to the apocalypse, featuring a skull, on some sort of spear amidst the ruins of a city. I love the colors that are used, as well as the way he depicts shadow. The line weight and color creates awesome atmospheric perspective, and directs your eye to the main focus of the picture.

Wired is definitely one of my favorite magazines. I assumed it’d be all about computers, and boring tech stuff that I don’t really care about, and while there is a little bit of that, there’s also information about things I never really given thought before, but ends up being totally interesting, like how things are made and work. They have an entire section of the magazine dedicated to the apocalypse, everything from who’d start it, to how it’d go down, and how to survive, and articles about how we much energy we could generate from the ocean’s waves, if we knew how to harness it, and how roller coasters are designed. Not to mention it’s filled with illustrations. I’d say they use illustration just as much as photography, which isn’t something I've come across often.


  1. ha.. the statistics of your chance to survive. brought to you by fallout3

  2. Hanuka is a GOD of palette. (I say this namely because I had him all picked out to blog on this week, good thing I read the other posts. >_<)

    Pretty informative interview concerning his concept work: