Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This week I’m writing about an artist I found doing the scrap/sketch book pages. While looking in my skateboard magazines I saw an ad with just an illustration and the words “superfishal” and on the bottom So I did some digging and found out the artist who created the work is Jeremy Fish. So I Google his name and located his personal website I found out that he does work for a clothing company I know and admire Upper Playground, which surprised me.

Fish’s drawing and line style is very unique. He makes bold designs with animals and skeletons. The thing I really found cool about Jeremy Fish is that he does a lot of mixed media paintings on wood blocks. He explores between making pieces that deal with modern and past times. Anything from the gold rush era in the 40’s to the 90’s Internet issues using animal in place of humans to get his message across. Fish’s work on word blocks show really interesting brush stokes and bold graphic outlines that makes he style unmistakable. After researching about him and looking at his work Jeremy Fish is now on my long list of artists I like. For more info about him and his work check out his website

heres a time lapse of Fish working.


  1. Great post, and thanks for including the video!

  2. I'm a huge fan of Fish's work, and I'm glad to see someone else in the class digs his work too. His paintings are flawless and always have great imagery and color schemes.If you haven't already, check out his wooden sculptures/ carvings along with his furniture. He combines his painting/illustration techniques with sculpture and it's truly phenomenal.

  3. A friend sent me this video a while ago because I was trying to get into using more pen and ink in my drawings and at the time had a particular style where I'd draw creepy monsters and lumpy deep cratered moons. This helped me out a lot with exploring different weights of line for my 2D art. I love the bold outlines and flat shadows because they create a really great contrast to the color and detail he uses.