Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Travis Millard

The work above is that of the artist Travis Millard. Millard is a reputable illustrator known for his intricate (often humorous) pen and ink drawings on paper as well as his commercial work. I discovered his work three or four years ago from a series of skateboard graphics he did and instantly fell in love with his work. His work is usually done with ink washes and pen, and is usually done on a pretty small scale. Millard’s work has a somewhat loose feeling to it, due to his technique with ink washes and watercolor, but at the same time tightens up his drawings with his line work and detail surrounding the ink washes.

Millard’s work can be seen both hanging in a frame on a gallery wall and commercially as well. Some of Travis’s commercial work includes companies such as Burton snowboards, Foundation skateboards, along with dozens of album covers and book illustrations. Along with his commercial work, he has also started his own publishing company called Fudge Factory Comics, which prints small books and various zines.

What I truly appreciate and enjoy about his work is that its all hand made, even the commercial work is hand drawn with pen and ink. In a world that heavily relies on computers and technology, especially in advertising and advertising art, Millard still makes phenomenal pieces of work that’ll sell a product without the use of modern design techniques. I’m a person who would much rather sit and draw for endless hours to finish an illustration rather than sit at a computer and create and image on Photoshop or Illustrator. There’s a connection and a process one makes with a hand made drawing that can’t be replicated with or by using a computer, and that’s what I truly appreciate and can relate to his work. Along with his process and style of work, I also thoroughly enjoy the imagery of his work. Most of the imagery is usually pretty playful and humorous, with a hint of sarcasm and disgust at times. When I go through his online portfolio from drawing to drawing, I find myself laughing to myself quite a bit. I enjoy when art can make this happen. A simple drawing that can make someone happy is always a good thing and something I try to practice in my work as well.

You can check out his work at http://www.fudgefactorycomics.com/

(Also, checkout his girlfriend Mel Kadel’s work. She’s also an illustrator with an awesome style and body of work.)

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  1. When I looked at this right away I thought “hoarders” for some reason, but just now noticed that there are people in this, oh my. I’m just in aw of this, cause everything is so perfectly placed, nothing looks like it’s “floating” and it’s funny how this messy image is done so clean with it’s style. I don’t know why I wouldn’t have guessed this was done with ink washes and watercolor, I thought markers at first. Thanks a lot for showing this, their work is just amazing, really good at what they do. I'm surely going to go look into some of their other pieces later.