Wednesday, September 22, 2010

damn you alex.

This weeks entry was done on a non official rival of mine by the name of Alex P.
Alex is an up and coming German concept artist with a bizarre imagination and and insanely powerful level 50 technical wield. I say hes my rival because despite how good i am and how much ive practiced in life he still dominates me as a anatomical monster.
I am not 100% sure how he got so good to only be 20 (im 23) but he achieved a level of anatomical precision some people drawing in their 40’s and 50’s don’t have yet; mixed with his strange poses and camera angles and you've got one hell of a conceptual artist.

Besides the art ive shown he has a weird sexual sense of humor, drawing massively destructive robots with innocent facial expression and huge (taped on effect) penises, for example.

The pieces i choose if they can be called pieces are from a wide range of sourced from his imagination to his take on famous characters from batman and superman all the way to throw backs like the thunder cats.

I both hate and greatly respect him, if we met id like to punch him in the face and then buy him lunch

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  1. Funny post.

    How about telling us where we can see his work? Maybe research how a concept artist works. Who are the clients? Can we see examples of some concept art that can be compared to the final art?

    The combination of superheroes and sexual humor and the robot penises just reminded me of Mark Chamberlain's work:

    It's an interesting tale about copyright and what can and can't be done with superhero characters...