Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kid Robot Munny Box Art

I purchased one of these Kidrobot Munny zipper pulls the other day. There isn’t really a whole lot about this illustration that could be called dynamic or even interesting from the viewpoint of an illustrator. I do however think it is a very effective illustration for its purpose. It tells you what’s in the box, but the number of smaller illustrations on the side are the effective part. On the sides of the box there is a number of different illustrations with the odds of getting that zipper pull listed below it. I’ve watched people pick these tiny boxes up and study them for more than 30 seconds before asking, “so which one do I get?” It’s random, and that’s the genius of the illustration.

The hardest thing about making illustrations for retail packaging is to make something appealing enough to pick up. Once the item is picked up, the likely-hood it will be bought rises exponentially. The box’s illustrations are simple, readable, composed symmetrically, and use highly saturated colors to achieve this.


  1. I love its simplicity and the mystery behind the product. The image on the front is very intriguing to me and I feel like I've actually picked this product up myself because of the curiosity it provides.

  2. i saw one of these in blick art store and i wanted to buy one because i am a fan of pop art statue/sculptures. and because i dont know how to make my own this would be a good way of getting my feet wet and decorating it to my taste

  3. Kidrobot! I admire most of this companies packing and artist they out source for their toys. Kidrobot's use of simple design and the curiosity of buying a blind box product is what makes them so successful. Try looking up Frank Kozik or Tara McPherson I enjoy their toy work.