Wednesday, September 29, 2010

doze green

So this week i managed to find a lot of interesting clippings from magazines which i thought qualified as great illustration. Unfortunately I left my book at home so i cant scan them for this week, but they will be up next week nonetheless! Anyways i took this as a great opportunity to show a piece from one of my favorite street artists among the many i have. His name is Doze Green, and he works out of Bay Area California. He has made a huge contribution and spin of street art in general. His work normally incorporates a lot of mythological creatures dealing with themes such as life after death and human virtues. His style, technically, relies heavily on fluid line and almost cubist compositions of vibrant colors and effects. This piece in specific is made from ink and acrylics. Whats it's about i'm not too sure, i do know its visually stunning to see it in person, i don't think this picture does it any justice. Im not sure of the dimensions, but when i saw it it took over half the wall up in height, its probably somewhere around 6 or 7 feet high, which i think is part of what captures and makes its presence dominant in a gallery or wherever the setting. Most ,Doze Green's, work is in large scale format since he was originally a muralist, tagging the streets of his native town in New York. I love this guys aesthetic , im absolutely into this futuristic character styles he plays with, so i figured i would share the wealth.


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