Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Last weekend, I was flipping through my DVD collection, and I came across “Heroes for a Day: the XZV story”. The movie is a documentary that fellows a professional paintball on their struggle to prove themselves to the world of paintball. The illustrations I picked for this week at from a booklet that came with the DVD. The booklet is filled with a bunch of stuff that was collected throughout the duration of filming the movie. They do not list credits these illustrations. Since all the other stuff found in the booklet is from the team, my guess is either the filmmaker, Patrick Spohrer, or one of the team members made the drawings.

I picked these illustrations because they were always my favorite pieces from the booklet. Yeah, all the pictures are cool, but the drawings show me more personality. Instead of picking up a camera and pressing a button, someone actually picked up a pen or pencil and drew it out. I enjoy the style that the drawings are done in, too. The world of paintball is not a clean one. It is rough and dirty at best. These drawing fit that. They look to be sketches that could have been right on the sidelines while watching a match is being played. I would have not liked them as much if they looked like someone had spent many hours in a studio trying to capture every detail.

I’m wondering if anyone else feels the same way as I do about photo vs. illustration. Can a photograph completely replace an illustration, or are there things that a photograph will never be able to show that a drawing shows?

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