Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Joker?! You're supposed to take those outta the deck!

Umm..dunno why the whole image didnt show up. Just a joker card from a deck of cards. Nt sure who does the intial drawing for these. Every deck has a different joker, tho this one to me was the least jokerish of the ones ive seen. theres nothing joker about him..cept maybe his clothes, but his face looks like the king of spades..nd hes riding a the drawing itself is pretty cool. has good clean line work. Nt really my style but i would like to try drawings with tht kind of clean look, as my style atm is a lil more gestural. Cudnt figure out wat the 808 on the rock next to him means. Anyone hav any ideas? Dunno wat else to say bout this one. A pretty boring joker, unless the artist had a crazy story behind it. Like some king who effed up nd got kiked out nd now is at a jester status nomadically riding his bike around having lost his posessions. Havin thot about tht, i kinda like it a lil better now...or or a joker impersonating a king! yeaaa. Or it cud just be a boring ass

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  1. I like the image, but your post cries out for more info! Where did you get this deck of cards? Can you give us some info about it? It doesn't seem like a typical deck you buy at Walgreen's next to the Bratz dolls.

    You ask a lot of good questions in the post. I'd suggest doing some more intensive research and trying to find the answers, to the best of your ability.

    Note to all: Just typing "Fail" is not an option here! I don't think this project is all that demanding. I read a lot of posts that could have used more research. Give it the ol' college try before giving up.

    Also: this reads like shorthand "texting" language, and I would recommend to everyone NOT writing posts like this. It would e best to type your essay in another program (TextEdit, for example) so that you can run a spell check before posting.