Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Geez, at first glance it seems like everyone has posted some professional work from current artists. I was under the impression we were suppose to be gathering illustration we find throughout the the day. So yeah, I apologize ahead of time, mine completely lack in visual stimulation and aesthetic of any sort, but here they are anyway. I was trying to scavenge any pictorial information or illustration on products I use on a daily basis, and would probably look over if not given this assignment. And thats indeed what i posted, some ordinary boring shit on the back of products we most likely all use, or should be using :) Here are some very stylized and vector produced graphics I had found on various packaging: Q tips, face wash, dental floss, and trojan condoms. All are probably familiar icons and and relate to each other in style and simplicity. They were most likely produced through a program such as illustrator, maybe some preliminary sketches were made for the idea, maybe not.


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