Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hipster Hitler

so I'm posting from my phone as my teacher tells me Ik missing a post. attached is a new web comic I found and have kind of fallen in love with it. its kind of world war two meets its not the most esoteric thing posted but I have to appreciate the often overlooked humor and general abilities that web comic writers. if there is one thong I dislike more than sisters its definitely Hitler. this has inspired me to start writing my own web comic. I just need to figure out what... perhaps punk rock Stalin. probably not that but I would love to commit to something like that.
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  1. haha! this is great.

  2. Short. Sweet. Hilarious. I love the approach of a simple greyscale layout. I think the young hitler sells the work. Not because im a death cab fan but because i never get to see a young maybe even "hip hitler"...

  3. I posted it from my phone so text-predict messed some stuff up in the text...