Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Freaky Deaky 2

I love Chromeo to begin with so I was immediately interested in this poster. Last year I attended Freaky Deaky (1) on October 30th at Congress Theater and had the time of my life. This poster and illustration show exactly what the concert is all about. Having a freaky good time. Everyone is dressed up for the holiday weekend and ready to dance til dawn. The illustrations portray very realistic attempts of the duo P-thugg and Dave 1, who make up Chromeo. Atrak is also an excellent addition to the duo not only because he is Dave 1's younger brother, but also because he is one of the greatest dj's playing right now. Music posters rank extremely high on the list of ways I hope to use my illustration skills. This poster has an incredible color palette. It is simple with different shades and tints of only three or four colors. I love the majority of the poster being a deep dark purple. This purple immediately puts me in the halloween mood. Moving from the purple background foreword to the seemingly vectored faces popping off the poster with a contrasting teal and bright pink. The vectored portraits are simple and yet dynamic. It was a simple approach to a realistic attempt at their faces. The facial expressions are piercing as if they are wondering why the hell you wouldn’t be attending and if thats the case, consider yourself dead. The bright yellow eyes give the two a sick gaze. The wet drips of blood from the faces is tied into the font choice both above and below the illustrations. Chromeo’s signature text has even been altered to accommodate some drips. All in all the poster works well for me, with satisfying and interesting colors and incredible illustrations. Hope to see you all there!

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  1. I really enjoy this illustration and Chromeo as well. This poster is perfect: the colors, text, and images are all fit for the event. I didn't go to Freaky Deaky last year and this totally makes me want to go this year.