Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Assorted Things and Stuff

The images of the archer and the nude holding a sphere are culled from a printed library of old copyright-free book illustrations. These are interesting because of how they have been pulled out of their original context. The images of the archer seem to have been for some sort of instructional booklet. I placed them on this page because they seemed to work well with the image of the criminal and also mimick the pose of the dancer and nude figure.

The top image is copied from a Push Pin Graphic anthology of early magazine content. This cover was from an issue which revolved around the concept of Crime. The cover/ interior combo was interesting due to the simplicity of the second image in sequence to the first image. The first is colored with bold reds and oranges and guns and knives frame the face of the smoking man. The second has several bullet holes piercing the still smoking silohet of the man. It seems to reference shooting range targets and is a great illustration of such criminal action.
The dancer was pulled from an illustration anthology featuring many different artists showcasing their best work. This stark black and white image is a wood cut illustration, though it is unclear if it was a commission or a personal work.
See more of her work here.

Looking at her portfolio of work at the above link, I am struck by something other than the work, which influences my perception of the work. It is not showcased in the most interesting manner, nor is there any other available information on each piece. I find when browsing a creative professional's webpage I want to know more about how each piece came to be. If I were looking to hire someone I want to know who they've worked with in the past, and how much experience they have had with other clients. This would give me a better idea of what to expect from working with them. With my website I want to present as much information as possible to promote my work, experience, and anything else with might influence a client to hire me.

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