Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spiderman Band-Aids

I’ve been buying Spiderman band-aids for the majority of my life, but I never really thought about the design aspect of them. Obviously the images are based off of the cartoon, but an illustrator/designer had to adapt the character to create a dynamic pose for the box as well as a few variations for actual bandages. ­ There are a few constraints in the creation of these images. A limited color palette of essentially blue and red with a few yellow highlights helps the consumer to easily identify the Spiderman character. I’m curious whether the illustrator did the typography as well because it would be a lot easier to have complete control over the design of the package, but it very well could be that an illustrator presented their image and then a graphic designer incorporated the typography. I’m not sure if the same person illustrated the package as well as the bandages. The smallest of the three band-aids has a very similar aesthetic to the package, but the larger two are a bit more complex and have a much darker style, so it could be that a different illustrator designed the band-aids. Whoever the artist is, clearly their style is appealing since I know I’m not the only one using these band-aids and the whole reason I buy these ones in particular is for the design. It must be a fun job to take famous characters and reinvent them for products!


  1. I've never thought of an illustrator's job as creating bandages. It's interesting to look at these and realize that even things simple as bandages can have their own style-as you note that there might be more than one illustrator working here.

  2. I feel like the designer might have been given these set of images from a stock collection was told to "just put it together". In that case, I applaud the designer for making it seem like there was an illustrator involved. But that is just me guessing what happened.