Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Junk Rethunk

Well, I would have entered this sooner but spent the past 2 hours or so trying to figure out why my scanner hated me, it works now. (had to scan this in because I couldn’t find a full copy of the same image online) I found this image while actually “looking” through a dwell magazine that I got a few weeks ago for a different class, I didn’t notice this picture then cause I was skimming for other things then. This drawing was done by a artist named Steven Harrington. At first glance of this picture, I didn’t think much of it, thinking it was just a randomly put together doodle. But really looking at it, I saw more to this that it just made my mind dance with the flow of it and its color. The little details I think I liked the most, because lately I’ve been really into drawing patterns and the little shapes and dots really appealed to me. I started to appreciate this drawing and his work all together after looking him up to see his other work. I just like the little quirks in his work, how some of the objects have faces, and at the bottom of this image is a sketched out road with little stick figures to really show the intended scale of this piece. Each time I look at this picture I see a little more to it and it just really makes me want to know what goes on in his mind to make what he does. And I think this was titled “Junk Rethunk”.

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  1. This is quite a nice doodle. It kind of reminds me of a candy/ice cream shop.