Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yak Pak

About the tag:
This tag is from a Yak Pak brand purse that I bought (Yak Pak makes all sorts of handbags and backpacks). I like the illustrated style of the tag. It's fun, pink and metallic. I also like the tactile function of the tag—it’s printed on thick cardboard, and is a good size to hold in your hand (this is probably the reason I saved it). The tag is pretty appropriate for the brand, because many of the prints on their bags have a similar illustrated style. They have changed the traditional image of a yak—a large, brown, hairy thing—to this silly, fun yak (with a pierced horn and peace sign necklace), and it fits the style of the brand.

About the bags:
Yak Pak is one of my favorite brands for handbags because they have such fun illustrated prints. They always have new strange prints for purses, such as pills, hedgehogs, and venus fly traps. They generally stick to a simple color scheme for each bag and print. Everything seems to have a hand-drawn feeling, and this fits well on the soft fabric the bags are made out of. One of my favorite prints is the venus fly trap and butterfly bag. It may appear as a floral print from far away, but looking closely you can see it's a venus fly trap. I also like the hedgehog and mushroom print bag. Overall, the style of their illustrations is cute, girly and works well on the bags they make.

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  1. The bags definitely draw me in because I'm such a fan of silly/weird doodles and whatnot. I also love that the tag can become a collectors item afterwards!