Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Magazine Illustrations

This page of illustrations was collected while I was reading an issue of Chicago Magazine. I never really paid attention before to the components of a magazine that may contain illustration but since it is a field of work I am interested in, I will be collecting as many as I can now!

The picture on the top left is a self-portrait done by the comic illustrator, Lille Carre. She was featured in this issue of the magazine for a comic she did about the early history of Chicago. After learning about caricatures in last week's class, I find it interesting to see how artists view themselves as cartoon characters. In this example she has drawn attention to her messy hair and other than there there aren't any defining or exaggerated features.

Next to the portrait is a picture of a faceless head of hair, indicating that this article was about hair and where to find the best places in Chicago to get a cut and color.

On the bottom left is an illustration of a astronaut girl, an ad for the Adler Planetarium. This ad come off as playful to me not only because of the rounded lines that the artist used to create the image, but because a small girl is portrayed as the main character. What I took from this ad was that the planetarium is attempting to attract children by suggesting that you could immerse your child in this realistic space odyssey.

The last image on the bottom right is another ad. This one is for a jewelry gallery shop trying to convince men that they'll be Superman if they buy their lady jewels from this store. There is just too much going on here as far as a quality advertisement because of the large amount of body copy, however, I do find it intriguing that the ad uses this typical hero comic book style in order to make their point. I'd imagine that most men would stop to look at this familiar figure and that was probably the point of the ad.

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