Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Not to come across as a complete alcoholic, but when trying to "discover" illustration around me this week, I was shocked by looking at the liquor bottles atop my fridge and noticed how many are "illustrated" designs.

This was one of my favorites that I found. The drawing/design of the Kraken is masterfully drawn. There is a lot of depth used through line weight, gradient, and technique. The type chosen creates a balance to the illustration. In the text chosen at least three different fonts are used, which play greatly off the different weights of the lines in the drawing of the Kraken.

The company that makes Kraken Spiced Rum, really stays true to the label design in the rest of their merchandise; including their website, glasses, t-shirts, etc. They also have a "history" of what a Kraken is and how it relates to their product. The company really has found a niche market and great illustration/design that sets them apart from the rest.

Maybe, I'm just a sucker for "retro" designs or I could just be defending one of my favorite rums. However, I think that the illustration invokes exactly what the seller was hoping to.


  1. Why have I never seen this rum before? Amazing! I love the use of type here with the varied sizes and typefaces.

  2. This is some great branding, and it definitely makes me want to drink it.