Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hark! A Vagrant

Kate Beaton has a degree in history and anthropology. She worked for a while with the University but decided to try drawing full time. She draws little, often three panels or less, comics which mostly feature historical figures in absurd situations, mixed with assorted cultural and literary references. She is also Canadian, and often takes time to make fun of her nationality and her heritage. Her quirky humor often elicits awkwardly loud laughter in quiet coffee shops.

The short comic above is an excellent example of her style. In this case she uses the simplicity of the early American cartoons to skewer modern political cartoons. Often quickly drawn with rough gestures remaining in the final versions, her figures have surprisingly vibrant and expressive facial features. Even when the figure is barely a scribble, the emotion of whatever moment is illustrated perfectly with a few dashes and smudges.

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  1. Can you give us more info about the comic posted at the top? Where did you find it? Is it only on the web, or does it appear in a book? A magazine?

    Students: Tell us where you are finding the material you are posting, and where we might also obtain it. I want everyone to think about where the markets for illustration are. Are these personal projects or were they commissioned? Research and find out. Context is important.