Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sophie Blackall- Missed Connections

Sophie Blackall is a Brooklyn based illustrator who creates work for children’s book and various magazines. Her illustrations typically feature cartoon-like human subjects set in whimsical and sometimes abstract scenarios. Her color palette is soft and watercolor seems to be her choice of medium. While most of her work is for a client to explain a story, place, feeling, or behavior, the work I found that I most enjoyed was her work found in her Etsy shop.
The work that Blackall decides to sell all depict a Missed Connection post found on Craigslist. The missed connection section contains words of anonymous people of a certain city, reaching out to strangers they felt they had a spark with, in hopes that they we receive a response. Blackall re-imagines these words into pictures which contain the original words from the anonymous poster. It seems as though that sometimes she picks the most unusual and sometimes romantic posts she can find in order to create an interesting image.
I enjoy checking her blog every now and then to see the new missed connections that she's illustrated. Oftentimes she illustrates a very literal image from the missed connection, instantly turning the maybe slightly serious words of the Craigslist poster and turning it into something more playful and humorous.
I find this concept so completely charming and clever and so very mad that I didn't think of it before! On the other hand, however, there are so many posts on Missed Connections daily and so many ways to interpret them. I believe that it'd be good practice to challenge myself as an illustrator to come up with clever images based off posts that I find intriguing for my personal enjoyment and growth.

Here is her blog for those who would like to follow! -->

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  1. Oh my, this is really adorable! Definitely following. She seems to be a great source of inspiration for me, because Missed Connections sounds like something I'd come up with in the middle of the night while I can't sleep. I also really enjoy her style and choices of color.