Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Art of Skinner

I found out about Skinner at some point last year in an issue of Juxtapose. An artist in California, he’s never had any art classes. He's self-taught, DIY. He does everything from paintings, snowboard and skateboard decks, illustration for bands, to clothing lines and t-shirt companies, even a tattoo design or two. His usual subject matter involves some sort of monsters, swords, and Viking or Aztec inspired characters. He manages to use saturated bright colors that contrast yet compliment each other, and make it work. He pulls it all together by adding thick black outlines which he lays on top of it all. It gives everything definition, and adds detailed patterns and textures. His work ranges from typical illustrations, to drawing on top of found images, to installation art for his gallery shows. I was really inspired by the energy his work has. Everything is so vibrant and busy, but not out of control. What I love the most about Skinner is that you can tell he creates art for himself, he makes what he wants to see. This is clearly someone who loves what they do.