Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This illustration is drawn by Jordan Buckley. He's the guitarist for the band "Every Time I Die" and also an illustrator who dropped out of school (majoring in illustration) because while he was going to school his band got put on many tours and he could not juggle both school and band life. This particular drawing is the newest of many drawings he's done. I enjoy his drawings because they're simple yet complicated. The fact that majority of his pictures are just black and white with a little shading here and there defines the simplicity of his work. Yet the details are very precise at the same time. His works include the poster for Every Time I Die's "American We'rewolf" poster for tour and also the latest album cover artwork for their cd "New Junk Aesthetic". I especially like his work because I feel as if it could be made into a coloring book. If he were to put all of his drawings and illustrations into a coloring book, I would definitely buy it and color in it all the time. I am very envious about his drawings and use his pieces as inspiration for my work style.

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