Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Evan Hecox

Evan Hecox is a designer/illustrator based in the San Francisco area. He is most known for is work in the music and skateboard industries. I got familiar with his work is through a company called Chocolate Skateboards. Hecox is the one person who helped define Chocolate’s brand identity. The companies’ logo is his design using a very simplistic two-color logo with cursive writing. Various companies out source to Hecox for collaboration artwork they wish to use for their products.

The thing that makes Evan Hecox different then any other skateboard graphic designer is that he uses the skateboard as canvas. He does not confine his design to one skateboard’s shape but uses multiple skateboards in a series to pull off his design. His initial approach for coming up with his artworks concept is also very interesting. He uses photographs that he personally takes and combines that with ink washes and paints to create his piece. Hecox’s line work in his illustrations are unmistakable and give an organic feel to products that have a very cold industrial feel to them like phone cases or skateboards. If you wish to his more of his art check out the following companies Chocolate Skateboards, Incase, or eS’ Shoes.

Here is a video of Evan designing one of the prints Incase used in a Macbook/iPhone case.

Evan Hecox from Incase on Vimeo.

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