Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I personally like when graffiti writers use spray paint to create murals, portraits or things other than just words. not to say that i don't like graff writters traditional style of individualized style of text as image its just allways nice to see some thing different. Especially when it comes to having the opportunity to make a respectable living off what one loves to do. Also to note Hush is not a graff writter, he "is just an artist of many talents." I like this piece because of the use of color and theme. most of his work is aimed at the way women are depicted in society as well as bringing attention to status. thats why in his work you may see a higher ranked woman of royalty illustrated in a very rough almost random style of graff techniques. in his style you can tell that things are not so much premeditated as they are created in/of the moment.


  1. o i forgot to add this except from his
    Hush uses a collision of Eastern and Western imagery to celebrate the modern woman. His manga inspired female forms speak of the strength and power that present day women own, confronting the viewer with a contemporary take on traditional figure painting. These anime women overlay a graffiti style background that references Western imagery in appreciation of cross-cultural influences of Asian culture and Western values.

  2. i actually really like this one.. i too personally like gaff when its more of a illustrated theme rather than strictly text..

    i feel like so many people do text because its just what you think when you think "graffiti"

    but this is awesome