Wednesday, September 15, 2010

blade of the immortal

I don’t remember when i started reading blade of the immortal by Hiroaki Samura, but I do know thats when I decided its time to start hitting anatomy books, and hard. Hiroaki went to school for ironically, (Well not really ironically) fine arts; but I guess it is ironic that he sucked at the finer parts of fine art (pun intended) because he’s openly admit to paying people do so some of his oil painting projects. His fine arts background is what makes his art a notch above the rest of the other manga artist. While true there will always be personal taste its undeniable his technically skill is almost unrivaled. Without reference he is able to compose insanely detailed and accurate gestures of the human body in a multitude of perspectives and have them look flawless. In recent years he has gotten so good at this he doesn't even do line art to his work anymore. He has become so faithful in his skills that he does entire pages in just pen.

There is no one “piece” of his I am absolutely fanatic about, however I have seen artwork so stunning I had to kick my art book because of its lack of technical appeal. I guess its a love hate relationship because while i admire his work fondly I also wish to become better than him, and at a much younger age.

i can only imagine having that level of creative freedom being able to easily replicate any idea in your head flawlessly because of such a high degree of technical skill, but i want it.

So, yay for healthy..ish motivational obsessions

(edit: i forgot about the photoshop thing. fixed)

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