Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My entry for this week comes from my 24 set of prismacolor colored pencils. The pamphlet talks about the product as well as the 6 featured artists for the set series. I tried to look up who was the artist for the image above in particular but couldn't find their name online. I do know that they give you the name of the artist of the on the cover of the set you purchase. What I lik about the illustration above was the overall color and how it contrasts against the dark outline. Out of all six covers, I've always been a fan of the 72 set cover because of the thick dark lines and the Mucha inspired format it has. I find it interesting that all the covers have their subjects looking in the same direction.
While looking for the names of the artists, I ventured on the website and discovered that a Columbia faculty and previous fundamental drawing teachers was a featured artist of the site. I thought that was pretty interesting. A few other artists featured on the site graduated from schools in Chicago.
To take a look at some of the other featured artists on the site, as well as prismacolor products go here:

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  1. In class you said I think that you liked the 72 case but wasn't sure the artists name? It says Tim Schumate