Wednesday, September 22, 2010

week 2

So this week, as I was starting my duties to scavenge any illustration or drawn material, I came across an interesting flyer right downstairs of the Wabash building. Among all the other kitschy garbage flyers with useless information downstairs, I came across this guy. It is most likely for some bullshit event, that will prove to lack in any fun, but nonetheless it is a very interesting and dynamic illustration, chosen to promote the event. This flyer stood out from the rest because most flyers and cards you see downstairs are very graphic design oriented with a lot of digital imagery, and more commonly, the incorporation of photographs, or images manipulated in that manner. Not only is this illustration pretty visually stimulating, but it carries an older aesthetic of classic american illustration, such as Norman Rockwell and Don Crowley. It contains a very comic like realness to the characters, which isn't used to often anymore. I also can appreciate the contemporary feel to the drawing with the juxtaposition of the classic style. If you study the image, it is pretty comical and contemporary in the fact thats it's fun and humorous, in a simple since, instead of the deep irony and dark humor which older illustration use to rely on more. It's a pretty fun image, and is a great example of incorporating the old with the new. Who the artist is, remains unknown since there isn't any information in the corner or on the back on who did it. It makes me wonder the copyright issues of the image and the integrity of the artist. This sort of stuff gets to me because the copyright issues should at least incorporate where the image came from and protect the artist who did it. Anyways i'm sure this was just grabbed off the internet from whoever made the flyer, and jsut decided to slap the text of the event on there. Regardless, take a look and enjoy, the guy floating in space seems like he's probably having to much fun.


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  1. This is a great post. The copyright issue is a good one and maybe can serve as a topic for discussion in class.

    How about doing an Internet search for "classic sci-fi book cover illustrators" or something like that? One famous one you might like is Ed Emshwiller (there's a wikipedia entry for him and you can see his images via Google):

    One suggestion: think of a descriptive title that's better than simply "Week 2." This will make it easier for us to search the blog.

    Another suggestion: paragraph breaks to make it easier to read the entries.