Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The hunt for NERO

This week's blog post is a little different from my last two posts. I did some major digging on the internet and had no luck in finding more information about an illustration I found. On my way to the 623 Wabash building I noticed a pretty interesting graffiti sticker. It was on the parking lot sign on the corner of Wabash and Harrison. The sticker is roughly 8”x10” in size and contains two cartoon like illustrations. The size of the sticker is the first caught my eye, but as I examined the work more closely I began to like it more. The two dinosaur/squid like characters have a really nice bold line work. The piece showed a lot of weathering and all the colors are faded. I believe the artist's alias is NERO, which is used in speech bubbles. So I tried to find out more about NERO using Google and came to a dead end. That didn’t stop me there I went on a hunt looking for more of his work. From The couple blocks between the LaSalle Street station and 623 Wabash I found eight more sticker illustrations (on street/pay to parks signs) from NERO. These eight new findings were quite smaller (3”x5”) than the original sticker. The character that NERO draws with marker stays constant in every sticker, but the colors and where the alias is written changes. I will continue to try and found out more about NERO and keep an eye out for more of his/hers work. If anyone else finds more stickers or knows more about the artist leave a comment.

(sorry about my bad quality camera phone pictures)

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  1. I love this character that Nero has developed. The eyes are so expressive.