Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tanja Szekessy

Tanja Szekessy is a German Illustrator I found last semester while looking through a magazine. I can’t really find much information on her other than she studied visual communication at the UdK Berlin and now works as an independent illustrator in Berlin. I love her stylized line work and how she mixes a diagrammatic style with an almost comic style.
I enjoy how descriptive the line work is, and I feel like she’s really good a giving her figures descriptive, gestural poses. She outlines everything, and the lines she uses really describe each figure realistically—even though everything is simplified.
Her color use is also really effective. Most of the color is quite flat and simple, however, it works quite well with her style. The simple color choices bring more attention to her descriptive line work. I think it is interesting how she gives her characters circle cheeks. It almost makes them look like dolls, yet it doesn’t take away from her overall style.  Her work becomes quite fanciful in some pieces, yet retains its graceful line work. However, all of her work (at least on her website) seems really cohesive.
Some of the details in these pieces are my favorite aspects of her work. The eyelashes on the first character are quite beautiful, and the fact that the second character doesn’t have pupils really fits with the mood of the piece.

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  1. i like her style, its simple and almost watercolorishly flat colors.

    like a 1950s comic or a cartoon but with something more..

    also some how i knew it was a girl who drew these