Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is Monstrous Sucess...get it?

So, this post is going to be about the wonders of Jamel Akib. He is a fantastic illustrator who has done the covers for an absolutely absurd amount of classic revamp covers, ranging from The Animals Christopher Columbus Saw to Frankenstein. He has also done a smattering of editorial illustrations, prints and portraits.
I love this overachiever's style and subject matter. He combines a whimsical approach to his work with an incredibly realistic and detailed figure form and background.
I chose this particular piece because I especially enjoy the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I'm a big steampunk enthusiast and thus love the setting in which Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde takes place and the emphasis on fantastical experimental science. I believe this illustration captures the feel of the story so well with a modern painting style that only adds to the feel of the piece.
In summary, this is one awesome piece by one really awesome dude.

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  1. I think the perspective works well with the theme of the image and I also appreciate that it is almost monochromatic in color choice. The two beakers on the bottom are creating diagonal lines towards Dr. Jekyll, causing the viewer to look straight at him, and even though I don't really love the illustration because of the style, I can respect all of those things the artist is doing to create a better image.