Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Meaning of Life

The post this week for my blog entry is an example of a great use of text and drawings to make a point across. The idea of the poster is to talk about the meaning of life. Instead of just typing it up and putting it on a piece of paper or in a book, they have fun with it. Many different fonts are used throughout the poster along with illustrations which I think go very well alongside the font.
Clearly, this is not a real meaning of life or in any way serious but there are some fun facts scattered throughout the piece. It made me want to keep reading while every once and awhile looking through the illustrations. I got stuck looking over this piece for a good while and never really got bored. Allthough the piece looks very childlike and slapped together, it has a lot of thinking attatched to it before being produced. Very entertaining image.
The ad agency is creativeland asia and the Creative director is Anu Joseph. There is a link below to get a bigger version so you can see it more clearly

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