Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Michael O'connor, Bandanas

My posts for this week are referring to specific types of mediums you can use while illustrating and getting creative. The Artist I am profiling this week is Michael O'Connor. He is an artist from the Chicagoland area and his works are done in anything from pencil to acrylics to even ceramics. The pieces of artwork that I am showing in this blog post are from of his works he has done on bandanas. He has a wide collection of work in which he uses this medium with a variety of different subject matters and techniques. He works very delicately while working with these and it shows when you get up close to them. I believe he really captures the emotion of his art quite well, especially while working on something like clothing. He also has some amazing oil paintings of landscapes and also does ceramics ( Jars, Planters, lamps etc.) He has a wide range of skills and styles as an artist and I think that is very important to any artist today. I believe you need to develop as many skills as you can so you can evolve as an artist and keep current with trends. I am beginning to do this myself instead of mainly working on the computer. It is also important to pick the right medium for individual pieces that you come across because sometimes the materials you use can make or break a piece of art.
This artist does not have a webpage yet but has a facebook page -

Michael O'connor
(his photo is Bob Marley and his current city is Canton, IL)

If you like his work you can send him a message in his inbox and through that, he can start creating some artwork for you.

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