Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I found this label on one of our Lillet bottles at the restaurant I work at. Lillet is a sweet white wine used in cocktails that often time replaces vermouth. I really love this image. It was created by Robert Wolf. I looked up his work and he did a lot of illustrations for apertif liquors. I tried to look up a bio on him but all I could find was images of his work and websites where you can but the prints. I love the style his paintings are done in. I love the art of this era and it's great to see it still being used to this day.


  1. I like these types of art as well and enjoyed this. Today I saw a picture kind of like the one you posted and at the bottom it said "Grey Goose Airlines". Now I can't say that it was for an advertising for the vodka but it was still in the same style. Ive also been taking a look closer at liquor bottles because I work at a bar too, ha inspiration everywhere.

  2. I love the feel of this label. It has a Greek gods on the mountain feel with the pinup looking red head as the main figure. It has a divine look to it and makes me definitely want to try the drink.